Refresh Oasis Day Spa

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Oasis Signature  60/90 Min  $90/$120
Our signature massage treatment is customized to your individual needs. This combination of massage techniques and stone therapy, with clinical grade essential oils

Hot Stones  90Min     $125
Rooted in ancient civilization, and renowned for its healing properties, this slow and deliberate medium-pressure massage utilizes warm and cool volcanic stones to provide a blissful state of physical and emotional well being. Reconnect with the earth energy and promote tissue integrity, remove cellular wastes and calm the nervous system. Allow the body to relax and be at ease from stiffness, tension and stress, after long trips, or from physical and mental exhaustion

Swedish 60/90 Min   $85/$110  Now it is Only $50 per hour and $80 for 90 min
The foundation of the Art of Massage Therapy, the Classic Swedish massage uses a light to medium pressure of long, kneading strokes. Best for overall muscle aches and general relaxation while increasing circulation and reducing stressin the body

Sports  60/90Min $85/$110
This style of massage is geared to improve athletic performance by giving attention to the specific areas utilized most during the athlete's sport.

Deep Tissue Massage 60/90 Min $95/$120
Many different styles and techniques will be used to relieve stress and aching muscles. Heavy pressure is applied to the body to release those tired and sore areas along with stretching to increase mobility.

Shiatsu  60/90 Min $85/$110
A form of acupressure, done almost entirely with the balls of the thumbs
Have our professional massage staff help you to create the perfect combination of techniques to assure ideal treatment.

Aromatherapy 60/90 Min $85/$110
A delightful sensory experience promoting a deeper state of relaxation and benefit with organic essential oils of Lavender, Arnica, and Mint. Experience the benefits of massage; using customized massage techniques and personalized aroma blends sure to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.